Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Internet Saftey Stories - Never Share Passwords

You should never share you passwords with anyone for anything.

   There was a girl whose name was Hailey. Hailey and Sophie were best friends. They shared everything, and even trusted each other with their passwords. One day Sophie was pressured into posting some bad pictures on Hailey wall through her account. The "in crowd" had told her that if she did post them, she would be popular. After she posted them, they laughed and told her to leave. People laughed and posted mean things on her wall. Hailey was so offended and hurt, by the things posted, she killed herself. - Even if you think you can trust someone, it's not safe. The only safe people you can trust it with is you parents. Try writing it down in a journal or some other secretive place.      This story was inspirerd by some videos we saw in computer class. You can find these videos at !