Thursday, September 1, 2011

Science Methodology - Original and Revised

My Original Methodology

step 1- Gather Materials
             - Two 2 ounce paper cups
             - Water
             - Kool-aid
             - Two beans
             - Ruler
             - Paper towel
Step 2- Put soil in the cups
Step 3- Put one bean in each cup
Step 4- Water one cup with water 
Step 5- Water the other cup with Kool-aid

  My Revised Methodology

Step 1- Gather Materials
             - Two 2 ounce paper cups
             - Water
             - Kool-Aid
             - Two Beans 
             - Ruler
             - Paper towel
             - Graduated cylinder (at least 10 mL)
             - Paper 
             - Pencil 
Step 2- Make sure both beans look, feel, and sound the same. (like when you drop them from
              the same height
Step 3- Put an inch of the same type of soil in each cup
Step 4- Put one bean in each cup about one cm. from the bottom of the cup.
Step 5- Pour 10 mL of water in one cup.
Step 6- Pour 10 mL of Kool-Aid in the other cup.
Step 7- Repeat watering every day for three weeks.
Step 8- Record your data every day and note changes in your plant. 

I had to make changes in my method because I had forgotten some of the materials and hadn't realized how important it is to make sure your beans are the same. I had also forgotten to mention you should record your data and should repeat watering every day in the first method.

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