Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I Write

    Hi, I’m Lily. I write because I want to express my feelings and well because I have no other hobby. Yesterday in class my teacher, Ms. Higgins, told us to bring something to do with our hobby. I didn’t have a hobby so I wasn’t sure what to bring. I forgot about it all last night so this morning I pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil and told everyone I like to write. Unexpectedly, we were told do demonstrate our hobby. I had to write a paper and knew nothing about it! I decided to try to write a poem because it seemed to be the simplest thing to do. I started with one sentence then another to rhyme with it. Before I knew it I had written a whole poem! I read it in front of the class and they loved it! I discovered I love to write and will continue to do so in the future. 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mood and Setting-Story Telling

   I slowly keep on the path though I hear dreadful whisper of the trees warning me to go back. Abandoned and alone, night is gathering. The formidable forest is frightful as the dead, gnarled vines seem to gradually devour what insufficient courage I have left...  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Student Lessons

     This week, I am going to teach the class about the beginning of Earth. Everything I needed to teach my lesson was in our science book, Earth Science. For my activity, I am going to have the class make a chart on comparing and contrasting the Earth's first and second atmospheres. The new vocabulary word I am teaching the class is comet, which is a ball of dust and ice that orbits the sun. Hopefully I do well and they learn something from it! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean Experiment

1. Problem
     Does a plant grow better with kool-aid or water?

2. Background knowledge
    Plants need water, sun, and soil to grow. 
    Kool-aid is mostly water.

3. Hypothesis
    I think the plant will grow better with kool-aid because it has other things       in it like sugar and dye.
4. Materials
    - 2 two ounce paper cups
    - water
    - kool-aid
    - 2 beans
    - ruler
    - paper towel
    - graduated cylinder at least 10mL
    - paper
    - pencil

       Step 1- Gather Materials
     Step 2- Make sure both beans look, feel, and sound the same. (like when                   you drop them from the same height
     Step 3- Put an inch of the same type of soil in each cup
     Step 4- Put one bean in each cup about one cm. from the bottom of the                     cup.
     Step 5- Pour 10 mL of water in one cup.
     Step 6- Pour 10 mL of Kool-Aid in the other cup.
     Step 7- Repeat watering every day for three weeks.
     Step 8- Record your data every day and note changes in your plant.
7.Collect Data
   I had to make changes in my method because I had forgotten some of the materials and hadn't realized how important it is to make sure your beans are the same. I had also forgotten to mention you should record your data and should repeat watering every day in the first method.
9. Questions for Extensions
    Would the plant grow better if we had used sugarless kool-aid?
    Would the plant have grown better if it was watered every day instead of        just weekdays?