Friday, November 11, 2011


I agree with you when you say people learn in different ways. I find it easier to learn by doing, so I think a project based class would be a great class for me to take. I have just one question, do you get to pick your project? I have read other posts by your classmates and a lot of them seemed to be about the same topic. I was wondering if you maybe picked as a class, or got a list to choose from.

I thought that was a really great post! It would require a lot of thinking, and would start a persuasive, and powerful debate. You’re right when you say time is in our hands, in my opinion, we can’t just change it. People would be very confused for a long time and would be off track. It wouldn’t really be adding time, just changing how you measure it. But I do agree when you said, if we changed it, we might get a little more time to do projects, but it would be taking more time we could use later… What inspired you to think about this and write a post about it?

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Girl~First paragraph

We are writing creative stories in computer class and here is the first paragraph of mine.

Chapter 1
   Great… Why do mom and dad always have to fight all the time? I just don’t get how they fight non-stop. It just irritates me and makes me feel like they forget I’m even here. I sit in my room and think of how things used to be when we still lived in Utah. How I loved those days of picnics in the park where we played tag, took pictures, and just had a good time as a whole family and don’t get me started about the family vacations, those were the best!! But now things are starting to change, I’m not sure I’m going to like this change…

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Comments4Kids Wednesday!

Here are some comments I left on other kids blogs.

Wow! I didn’t know a lot of this stuff, which is really bad considering zebras are one of my favorite animals. What surprised me the most was that some are black with white strips instead of white with black strips! I’d like to hear more about different types of animals.

This is a really good story! I had never thought about a toast’s story before. It was unique and funny. :) What inspired you to write a story about toast?

Haha! Those are some weird dreams! I have dreams like that all the time, but when I try to share them, they make no sense at all to my friends. :) Most of the time, I can’t remember them enough to write them down!

Pumpkin Pie sounds like a great little kitten, but can be mischievous! I have a cat just like him but my kitty’s name is Z. He sleeps all the time and when he’s not asleep, he’s playing with something he shouldn’t be. :D I couldn’t live without him though.