Thursday, November 3, 2011

Comments4Kids Wednesday!

Here are some comments I left on other kids blogs.

Wow! I didn’t know a lot of this stuff, which is really bad considering zebras are one of my favorite animals. What surprised me the most was that some are black with white strips instead of white with black strips! I’d like to hear more about different types of animals.

This is a really good story! I had never thought about a toast’s story before. It was unique and funny. :) What inspired you to write a story about toast?

Haha! Those are some weird dreams! I have dreams like that all the time, but when I try to share them, they make no sense at all to my friends. :) Most of the time, I can’t remember them enough to write them down!

Pumpkin Pie sounds like a great little kitten, but can be mischievous! I have a cat just like him but my kitty’s name is Z. He sleeps all the time and when he’s not asleep, he’s playing with something he shouldn’t be. :D I couldn’t live without him though.

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