Friday, November 11, 2011


I agree with you when you say people learn in different ways. I find it easier to learn by doing, so I think a project based class would be a great class for me to take. I have just one question, do you get to pick your project? I have read other posts by your classmates and a lot of them seemed to be about the same topic. I was wondering if you maybe picked as a class, or got a list to choose from.

I thought that was a really great post! It would require a lot of thinking, and would start a persuasive, and powerful debate. You’re right when you say time is in our hands, in my opinion, we can’t just change it. People would be very confused for a long time and would be off track. It wouldn’t really be adding time, just changing how you measure it. But I do agree when you said, if we changed it, we might get a little more time to do projects, but it would be taking more time we could use later… What inspired you to think about this and write a post about it?

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